How to build FLTK with QT Creator and Ubuntu

The IDE I like to work with when programming C++ is Qt Creator. The library used in Programming: Principles and Practice using C++ is FLTK. Figures out that it is really easy to make it work under Ubuntu but I was struggling to find exact instructions for some reason. (Well, may be because most of linux guys … Continue reading How to build FLTK with QT Creator and Ubuntu

GitHub Cheat-sheet

While moving my code to GitHub I've made short list of commands one needs know to get going with git and GitHub. To get started, I've found this short tutorial useful. To add an existing file to version control. To commit a change with message "message" To create a branch To switch between branches To see current active … Continue reading GitHub Cheat-sheet

On importance of paying attention.

As I have written in my earlier. I am now reading Bjarne's introductory book on programming. While doing some of the exercises, I have made an error which many beginners make while debugging. I would like to share it with you today. It might sound just like simple common sense, but when chasing for errors by reading … Continue reading On importance of paying attention.