An attempt to gather solutions to textbook exercises in one place

I like to learn things on my own. In my opinion, one of the best ways to learn is to read books. Just reading is not enough. To understand and remember what you have learnt you need to apply your newly acquired knowledge or to answer questions about how things work. While reading a book, this is achieved by solving exercises.  Hence, for a textbook to be effective it has to provide enough exercises of various difficulty levels.  However, one needs to know if he solved the exercises correctly, and if there are better ways to solve them. In classroom/course environment you usually able to get this feedback.

But what to do if you study on your own? To make progress you usually need to be able to compare your solutions to the correct ones. Good books often come without solution manuals or these solution manuals available only for instructors. This puts self-learners into disadvantageous position. As my tiny effort to address this big problem, I have decided that from now on, I will try to post my solutions to exercises from books I read on GitHub.   The repository is called ProgExercises.

I encourage everyone who reads this post and is working/has worked through interesting CS book contribute his solutions to exercises he has read or to improve the existing ones.

I am looking to your feedback. Let’s try to make the life easier for the people who like to study on their own.

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