My ambitious plans

The 2016th year is approaching its end.

If I look back at it, I don’t think I have done much this year. At least in professional field.

It’s time to set goals and work toward achieving them. So, what do I want to do by the end of the next year?

Let’s begin with programming goals.

  1. To get a good command of algorithms. For me a criterion that I have become reasonably good is to get least ranked yellow on topcoder or codeforces. It means that I know enough of them and I am able to code them fast.
  2. Learn some machine learning.
  3. Learn some concurrent and parallel programming, including GPU.
  4. Learn to make simple 2D games. If  I will be able to make a 3D game I will be really happy.

What do I want to be done in mathematics field?

  1. Finish my two papers. There are couple of papers waiting to be finished. I need to get them published.
  2. Get better understanding of my field – namely, combinatorics and algebraic combinatorics.
  3. Become better at probability and statistics… While this is not my field, probability is really beautiful. Besides, it is one of the more useful parts of mathematics.

That’s it for now.

Sounds too ambitious? May be, but I believe that if one works hard enough he can achieve anything he wants. I say “believe” instead of “know” because I have never tried to prove this thesis yet because I am lazy. But I am working on it.

I plan to revisit this post in a few months and see how well I am doing.

If someone has some tips how to keep myself motivated and how to achieve these goals faster, I will be glad to hear.

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