After doing some random stuff for years, I  have decided to go back to my childhood love – C++.

After some search  I have decided to pursue Bjarne’s intro book. Why did I pick it? Well – two reasons. It is written by the creator of the language. Second it is the only beginner book I know that focuses on  “modern” C++.

Right now, I’ve finished reading the first part and doing the exercises in chapter 7,8,9.

What can I say about it so far? For some reason I feel that it is hard to read. I have to reread some paragraphs few times to understand his point. Although it is obvious that the author is knowledgeable about the subject and doesn’t lack sense of humor, the book feels somehow boring to read. Reading this book just feels like eating Quaker oats. Its healthy and sometimes tasty… but hard to eat.

It is not that I do not like programming. I’ve programmed a bit before and liked it. That’s the reason I am trying to learn C++ more seriously right now. And it is not that book is hard – mathematics is much harder, sorry to all programming folks.

And it is not even the hardest programming book I’ve read (and I have not read much… yet), but any introduction to functional programming is harder than this. Or C parts where you do advanced pointer stuff…).

I’ve thought this one would be an easy read because I have some programming experience… But may be C++ is just hard? I have to admit I have not yet encountered a concept that I do not understand… But there is just too much syntax.

However there is one reason I keep reading this book instead of switching to something else and despite my slow progress – it doesn’t pretend that software development is done in vacuum. He gives practical advice how to debug and how to develop small programs, which are really helpful in the beginning.

That’s all for now.

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